What Parents and Students have to say:


“While searching for some second career options, I was curious about mechanical/architectural drafting and I found Murray’s Technical Education. Since I wasn’t sure Drafting was for me, I inquired about Mr. Michael Murray’s courses after looking at local college programs and online distance learning programs which were inconvenient and expensive.

“By far, his technical drafting, architectural, and 3D modeling courses are the best value on the web that I have found. The digital platform he uses is simple and I had no problems with using the format. Mr. Murray makes the coursework fun, understandable, and complete. His enthusiasm for what he teaches is evident.  I found his format and explanations were great! I could not wait for the next assignment and Mr. Murray is very prompt with replies, which makes all the difference!

“His guidance is through video so if you are struggling with an assignment he is able to personalize the lesson for you. He took me from complete beginner status to competent and confident with the ACAD program in a short amount of time. I learned all the foundational principles involved in technical drawing and modeling, and look forward to learning more in course 2 Architectural drafting and course 3 Modeling. –Sharon G

“This online program was definitely a big help in teaching the basics of Auto Cad. MTE provided videos and direction pages to instruct on the use and setup of the tools we were using, but there were also assignments where you are forced to sort of figure out how to produce a certain drawing by yourself. This built up my confidence skills. Mr. Murray was always open to questions and he replied promptly with useful answers and tips. MTE is a good program for beginners and has helped me to start learning and appreciating more the skills required to master Auto Cad. I will definitely be signing up for the second semester for this course. ” Benjamin M. – current student.

Drafting 1 – As a parent who taught high school for ten years before home schooling my own kids, I still struggled with my son’s learning style.  His slow steady approach to life was frustrating and his lack of excitement for achievement left me with the feeling he would never find a class, let alone a career, that filled him with passion. He loves to draw so Mr. Murray’s Drafting 1 course was an answer to prayers.  My son bloomed, even with his slow steady style, under Mr. Murray’s understanding direction. The need to achieve understanding and perfection (100% on assignments) before moving on were a blessing which opened his eyes to details and the need to be precise. After this first course, he is talking college and a future that, before, seemed to be just a way to get by in life.  The possibilities are opening up!

Drafting 2 – All I can say is wow! This step by step course in designing and all the intricacies of building a house… just wow!  This was really fun to watch and made me want to jump in and learn too.  My son was excited and would come get me to see what he had done in each lesson.  By the end of this course, he has a set of blue prints to build a house which he showed to a contractor friend who was pretty impressed.  He even recommended a few people in the business who may need an AutoCad guy!

Drafting 3 – This was the course my son was waiting for.  He jumped right in and only asked me to help him out a few times.  He is now independent on the AutoCad program, creating his own images and bringing them to life in three dimensions. Challenging, but so much fun.  To see my son grow up over the past year of this course has been amazing.  His dedication and love for this is only compounded with knowing that he will be attending the University next year to continue this study.  He asked if he could have a 3D printer for Christmas. We have created a big, beautiful, bold monster, that I adore. Thank you Mr. Murray for being there when my son needed extra guidance along the way.  Thank you for calling us from across America to make sure he really understood something before moving on.  Your guidance has been invaluable and a blessing to his future.”

Ok, I know I am gushing… but you really do deserve it.  Thank you!!!
Danielle M. – North Pole Alaska

“Before my mother found this program, I didn’t even know what AutoCAD was. After these lessons, a new door opened. I discovered a whole new world where I can design the technology of the future. If it wasn’t for Mr. Murray’s patience and excitement for teaching, I would never have discovered all of this.” – James B.

“First of all, I want to personally thank Mr. Michael Murray for really great Auto Cad Drafting courses. I did a ton of searching on the internet for online distance learning courses that were very expensive and did not fit my schedule.  I was looking for instruction in Auto Cad because I will be starting my own machine shop in the very near future.  Mr. Murray really loves teaching Auto Cad and Drafting.  This is very easy to see in his communication; whether on the phone, Skype, or email.  I am really thankful for his personal attention to my success.  You cannot put a price on that!  I completed the Drafting I and Drafting III courses. They were fun, challenging, and kept my attention.  I could not wait to get home from work and do the next lesson.  Most of the time Mr. Murray had graded or sent comments for revisions with an hour or two of me sending my drawing lessons in.  I really believe that Mr. Murray has given me a great foundation in computer aided drafting that I can build my business on.   I am 48 years old, and I would recommend Murray’s Technical Education to anyone that wants to learn Auto Cad”….Thank You, Stephen Ory

“AutoCAD is a very complex program, with over 1,000 different commands. The sign of a great teacher is someone who can break complexity into simplicity and that’s what Mr. Murray does. Mr. Murray’s lessons are short, self-guided, and easy to follow. He is also very patient with his students, and will always help guide you so that you may correct your mistake. For me, a big question was, would it work out because of such a long distance between us? The answer is yes, it did, and it worked out very well.”

“After going through drafting and 3D design, I feel that I have had a very solid course, and that I can draw most anything in CAD. As a homeschooler, this course was a home run, combining CAD, a great teacher, and the freedom of working on it when you have time. I would, with great excitement, recommend this course to anyone interested in it, because they would learn so much from this great teacher.” Matt L.

“Hey Mr. Murray,
I just realized that, though I intended to a long time ago, I never emailed you. I apologize sincerely for not updating you sooner. But you may have wondered way back then where I went. I got a job! As an AutoCAD Electrical Drafter Intern at an international engineering firm! I have been able to use all of your instruction both for this and the 3D renders I make for my brother’s prop business. Thanks so much!” Drew (former student)

“I joined this course to learn CAD drafting in order to progress my career and with my own little CNC project. It was a very good course and gave me solid base in CAD drafting. I was able to interpret projects and also produce projects on my own without having to spend a year learning things which would not relate to what I wanted to do. Being able to have personal contact with Mr. Murray together with the reasonable fees are a big bonus. I would recommend this course to not only younger students, but also for working professionals.” Maikl, Estonia (current student)

“I heard about this program on a homeschooling forum while searching for an interesting elective for my son, Brian. The reviews were good so we signed up. My son loves this class! He was not sure at first about learning AutoCAD but Mr. Murray’s enthusiasm and support have made it a fun experience. He is always available if you get stuck, grades drawings quickly and is happy to help with whatever you need. We are very satisfied with the program and I personally appreciate the family friendly atmosphere of Murray’s Technical Education.” Susan G. (Mother of current student)

“We sing high praises of Mr. Murray. During our initial set up, we experienced difficulties downloading the ACAD system and also had other technical difficulties; come to find out it was all related to an outdated computer on our end. But, Mr. Murray spent several hours on the phone with my husband trying to resolve our issues; as well as spending almost equal time, on a later date, with my son; encouraging and inspiring him as as a student. We are looking forward to the rest of the course, knowing it is taught by someone with a real teacher’s heart. Thank you Mr. Murray.”  Tracie (Parent of current student)

“I have taken all three courses and am very happy with the results.  The teacher is very helpful, fast responses, and straight to the point. In my opinion, it is better than going to the classroom.  I would recommend to everyone.”
HN (Former student)

“When I signed my son up for Mr. Murray’s online drafting class I wasn’t sure what we would be getting into. Many courses just don’t deliver what you were hoping for. This course, however, has been a joy for my son. It’s the first thing he wants to do in his school day. Mr. Murray has always taken as much time as was needed to help him and has such a passion and ability teaching, that he sparks enthusiasm in his students. We hope to take any course he has to offer. Also, being a homeschooled boy, it’s good college prep to learn how to interact with and take instruction from someone other than Mom. Worth every penny!”      E.R.  (Parent of current student)

“Mr. Murray: I am so thankful that I am certified in ACAD; I was able to receive college credit for my major because of it. My professor was astounded when I showed him some of my ACAD work, but he was even more impressed with the fact that I knew how to draft by hand. Overall, I owe you great big thanks!”    Maxine Moore (former AutoCAD Drafting student)

“I would definitely recommend Mr. Murray’s course to anyone interested in AutoCAD. He is great about grading your assignments quickly, and giving you lots of feedback, while working through each module until you get each part down. I learned a lot and greatly enjoyed this course.”  Drew H.  (current student)

“Screen sharing through Skype has really helped me to learn how to use AutoCAD. Mr. Murray truly seems to enjoy teaching, he is patient and makes it easy to understand each lesson!” Chris W. (former student)