What to expect from each course

Drafting I / Mechanical and Fundamentals: An 18 module course in which you will learn the basic commands of AutoCAD and design mechanical drawings.

Drafting II / Architectural: A 9 module course that focuses solely on building design. You will design a complete set of working house plans.

Drafting III / 3-D modeling: A 9 module course in which you will design 3-D objects. When you create a three dimensional object you are able to view it’s true shape and form. Using 3-D objects helps you to visually share your ideas with others.

Drafting I must be completed before moving on to Architectural or 3-D modeling.

This is because the AutoCAD fundamentals are taught in Drafting 1 and will be needed for the Architectural and 3-D modeling classes.

Drafting 1 Mechanical

Basic fundamentals – Orthographic projection – Geometric construction – Multi-view – Auxiliary views – Dimensioning – Section views – Working drawings – Pictorial drawings

Drafting II Architectural

Floor Plans – Foundation Plan – Elevation Plan – Detail Plan – Plot Plan – Perspective

Drafting III 3-D Modeling

Introduction to 3D solids – Extrude, revolve, loft and sweep – 3D mesh primitives – 3D mesh surface – Editing and modifying – 3D revolutions – Advanced 3D modeling – Rendering 3D objects